Interview with veteran teacher

The following quotations came from interviews with teachers all of whom had at least 20 years of experience in the classroom.

Quelle & Interpretation:

Ms Johnson:

I think we’re (veteran teachers) more critical of change.  When you’re first beginning, I mean I was always taught what your boss said you did.
But now I think I’m looking at what’s best for kids.  I don’t mind change if it’s going to improve what we do for the students.
But I think we get critical because we know, we’ve done this before.  We’ve tried this before. It doesn’t work.
In about five years we’re going to swing back and go the other way.
So I think we’ve become more critical about is it really a good change or not.  Rather than just saying, “Oh, I don’t want to change,” if you can show me that it’s going to make a difference for my students, then I will go at it whole hog

Dr. Rick Snyder |